(Shine is in her room, looking out the window. Misty comes from behind wearing a grey sprakle gown with a crown on her head)

Misty: You need to be out there in 5 minutes.

Shine: (gloomy) ok

Misty: That's not all I needed to tell you though

(Shine looks at Misty)

Shine: Yes?

Misty: Your friend, Wander, talked to me. And all I needed to tell you was just because you're a princess doesn't mean you have to stay here in the castle.

Shine: (gasps) Does that mean what I think it means?

Misty: Yes, sister. You can travel the galaxy with Wander and Sylvia still.

Shine: (smiles) thank you so much! (hugs Misty)

Misty: You are so welcome. We need to get out there now.

(a while later in the the chapel where the coronation is taking place. There is a huge crowd of people with Wander and Sylvia in the first row. Princess Misty stands in front of the chapel)

Misty: Welcome everyone to the coronation of our new princess, Princess Shine. It has taken quite a while for her to claim her throne but now I am proud to present, Princess Shine!

(Shine enters from the back of the chapel Guards with flags march behind her. Wander and Syvlia give her a thumbs up as she walks to the front)

Misty: Shine, we are glad you have come back to us. (puts the tiara that Shine got from the robber on the planet) Would you like to say anything Shine?

Shine: When I found out I was a princess, I was honestly scared. I didn't know what to expect or what was to become of me. But I found out the truth of who I really was and how I didn't have to leave my friends. I was overjoyed and now I'm here in front of all of you. Thank you for giving me a warm welcome back.

(the crowd applaudes. A song starts playing in the background.)

Wander: (sings) Close your tired eyes, relax and then count from 1 to 10 and open them. All these heavy thoughts will try to weigh you down but not this time.

(Shine smiles at crowd and then sees Wander)

Wander: (sings) Way up in the air, you're finally free and you can stay up there right next to me. All this gravity will try to pull you down but not this time.

When the sun goes down and the lights burn out, then it's time for you to shine brighter than a shooting star So shine no matter where you are.

Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light 'cause it's time for you to shine brighter than a shooting star. So shine no matter where you are tonight

(Shine goes up to Wander and hugs him. The instrumental to the song continues in the background)

Shine: I can't believe you talked to Misty!

Wander: What are friends for?

(They realize they are in each other's arms)

Wander: um-

(Shine interupts with him with a kiss)

Wander: I thought you said....

Shine: I never said no, did I?

(they smile at each other)

Sylvia: (puts a hand on Wander's shoulder) way to go buddy.

(The End)

(link to original song, Shooting Star by Owl City---->

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