(Shine is seen running down the mountain and she does look back.)

Shine: those robots are too easy to trick

(she continues to run on. she then makes it to the cave where Wander is.)

Shine: i just need a long rest

Sylvia: (from inside the cave) what was that?

Wander: let's go check it out

(Shine's eyes widen)

Shine: i'd recognize that voice anywhere! Wander? Is that you?

Wander: (comes out of the cave) how do you know my.... (takes a good look at her) name?

(Sylvia looks from Shine to Wander, not knowing what's going on)

Wander: Shine?

Shine: it's been so lo-

(is interuptted by a hug from Wander)

Wander: I thought... you died.

Shine: (can't breath) you're squeezing.... my..... guts out.

Wander: (lets go) sorry i do that to everyone

Shine: it was all a set up to get me out of town. i wish i could've told you.

Sylvia: are we done with the reunion yet?

Wander: oh how rude. i forgot to introduce Sylvia, my traveling partner.

Shine: hi Sylvia

Sylvia: those legs make you look kind of soulless

Shine: (gets a mad look on her face) what did you just say?

Sylvia: i'm just saying them being robotic and all-

Shine: i am not a soulless automaton. i've been hanging around those robots too long.

(Wander signals Sylvia to cut it out)

Sylvia: an auto what now?

(Shine runs into the cave)

Wander: i never told you she was really sensitive. just stay here. i'll go talk to her.

(he runs into the cave after her)

Sylvia: Wander!

Wander: yes?

Sylvia: tell her i'm sorry

Wander: ok

Sylvia: and go kiss her

Wander: ok- wait what?

(to be continued)

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