(Shine is in the cave, her head on a rock. Wander comes from behind)

Wander: are you ok?

Shine: you don't know how many times i've been called that.

Wander: i don't remember anyone in our town calling you that.

Shine: don't you remember i wasn't from your town....

(Wander still looks confused)

Shine: the song i always hummed?.... sometimes sang the words

(Wander shakes his head)

Shine: ♫When you're rife with devastation♫

♫There's a simple explanation:♫

♫You're a toymaker's creation♫

♫Trapped inside a crystal ball♫

♫And whichever way he tilts it♫

♫Know that we must be resilient♫

♫We won't let them break our spirits♫

♫As we sing our silly song♫

♫When I a young girl, a huge blaze overtook my city♫

♫So they shipped me off into your town♫

♫Even though it's all a blur I still do know this song♫

Wander: wow, deep.

Shine: tell me about it

Wander: i guess i forgot some about you

Shine: it's ok.

Wander: and Sylvia said she was sorry. she usually means soulless as in.... strong

Shine: thanks Wander (hugs him)

Wander: (blushes) it's no problem.

Shine: we should go out before Sylvia gets worried

Wander: yeah (he takes her hand as they walk out of the cave together)

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