(Shine tries not to drop her jaw)

Shine: Um, again sorry I bumped into you

Maddie: You seem new. Do you want me to show you around?

Shine: Yes, please

Maddie: Follow me throughout the school day. I'm sure that will give you a enough idea.

(Maddie starts walking around and showing her different classes.)

Maddie: That is the principal's offfice. You don't want to go in there.

Shine: Because?

Maddie: The principal never comes out and always keeps his door shut. (shutters)

(Next shot is them by the gym)

Maddie: And finally, we have the gym. They're seting up the school carnival for tomorrow night.

Shine: Thanks for bringing me around

Maddie: You can always find me where we bumped into each (giggles then turns and walks away)

(Shine peeks into the gym and sees someone decorating)

Shine: (walks in and looks around) Hi. I'm just coming in to check if everything is- (the person turns around and Shine sees it's Wander) Wander?

Wander: How do you know my name? I've never seen you before.

Shine: I'm Shine. I guess... I just got.... lucky?

Wander: (rubs chin) reasonable enough

Shine: So Maddie was showing me around the school and-

Wander: (angered) Maddie, huh? Don't let her fool you. She can be real mean

Shine: You aren't friends?

Wander: Not the last time I checked

Shine: Well uh I need to run along. I've got to..... put my head in the books

Wander: That must be painful. See ya

(Shine runs out)

Wander: (to himself) she's a psychic

(to be continued.....)

(link to picture of human Wander------> probably my worst one)

(I'm going to probably make a picture for every part) :)

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