(on Wander's home planet in a castle. The princess is white with gray hair that braids down her back. A guard comes from behind)

Guard: Princess Misty!

Misty: ( turns around)Any luck?

Guard: Sadly, no. I'm afraid this search is hopeless.

Misty: We need to carry on. Those robots were a bad idea from the start.

Guard: Yes, your highness.

Misty: Continue the search.

Guard: Yes, your highness. (he leaves)

Misty: I just hope she wasn't captured by this Lord Hater.

(she looks out the castle window)

Misty: please sister, come back.

(on a distant planet, Wander, Sylvia, and Shine are walking)

Shine: (holds head) I've got such a headache

Wander: You think you can make it?

Shine: yeah. I just hear these voices in my head.

(still in the works)

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