(Shine looks up at the tiara on her head)

Shine: Why does this feel so... so....

Sylvia: Wrong?

Wander: Royal?

Random Person On the Street: Pickles?

(Shine, Sylvia, and Wander look at him as he runs away)

Shine: As I was trying to say, it feels so rightful.

Sylvia: Oh please, Shine. You just feel greedy.

Wander: Or she's a princess.

Shine: (laughs) good one Wander.

(back to the castle where the princess is)

Guard: Your majesty, we have found the crown. It is in a small town.

Misty: (the princess) Take me there immediately.

Guard: why?

Misty: I have a gut feeling I'm one step closer to my sister.

Guard: Yes, your majesty.

(back to Wander, Shine, and Sylvia)

Shine: (takes tiara off) I feel connected to it

Sylvia: Shine, we need to turn that tiara in. Wander, quit bowing down to Shine like she's a God

Wander: (is bowing) All hail Princess Shine!

Shine: Yeah, you're right Sylvia. We should turn it in right now.

Sylvia: Someone else is finally acting normal around here.

(Sylvia looks down at Wander, who is still bowing)

Shine: Wander, you can stop bowing now. I don't have it on.

Wander: (gets up) good. My back was starting to hurt.

Sylvia: and Shine is not a princess. She just had a tiara on her head.

(Princess Misty is walking down the street. Everyone bows down. She stops in front of Shine)

Shine: (kind of nervous) your majesty (bows)

(Wander and Sylvia look at each other and then at Shine and Misty)

Misty: There is no need to bow

(Shine slowly gets up)

Misty: I believe you have something in your hand.

Shine: Yes. The criminal... dropped it and I picked it up.

(Misty looks into Shine's eyes for a long time)

Misty: Is your name.... Shine?

Shine: (surprised) H-How did you know?

Misty: A sister never forgets

Shine: What is that supposed to mean?

Misty: You are my sister and a princess

Shine: I'm a princess?

(Wander gives "told you so" look at Sylvia.)

(to be continued....)

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