(Hater yelling at Peepers)


Peepers: I don't know sir. We sent them to a planet and never came back

Hater: How about trying to search for them!

Peepers: We did, all over the planet... but they're all gone.

(to a planet where Wander, Sylvia, Dan, Maddie, and Shine are)

Wander: And she was all like (makes funny face)

Shine: And that one guy was all (makes another funny face)

(they all crack up)

Syvlia: Hey, have you guys ever had that feeling that you were being watched?

(everyone shakes their head but Dan)

Dan: I kind of feel like that right now.

Sylvia: Me too

Maddie: Probably because we're all looking at you.

Dan: no something else...

Wander: you guys are crazy!

Shine: whatcha been watching girl!

(red eyes glow in a near by bush along with a sharp toothed grin)

(to be continued...)

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