(on the planet where Wander, Sylvia, Maddie, Dan, and Shine)

Maddie: Ok, so Sylvia, you're telling me Wander saved the sun from a giant missile?

Sylvia: Exactly

Shine: Nothing is too big for Wander to do (nudges Wander)

Wander: Aw please! I'm sure you guys have done greater.

(there is a rustling in a near by bush)

Dan: What was that?

Sylvia: Probably a unisquirrel or something.

Maddie: Hey Dan, I dare you to chase it.

Dan: I don't know

Shine: Come on, do it!

Wander: Do it! Do it!Do it!

Dan: Fine.

(Dan goes to the bush and something runs out. Dan chases and then there is a loud yell)

Sylvia: Um, is he ok?

Maddie: Dan?!

Shine: What do we do?

Wander: I say we split up and try to find Dan.

Maddie: And if we find him?

Wander: Yell dandelion rainbow.

Shine: Greatest... code word... ever!

(Maddie and Sylvia look at each other and then at Wander and Shine)

Sylvia: Talk about insanity

Wander: Maddie, go that way! Shine, you go that way! Sylvia, you go through there! I will follow this path.

Maddie: Yes, sir!

(they all split up to different directions. Next shot is of Shine)

Shine: (raps) Walking through the woods. walking through the woods, trying to find Dan, that's why I'm searching in the woods.

(rustle in the bush)

Shine: (more fearful) Something is creepy, something is creepy.

(rustles more harshly)

Shine: Now run! (runs away)

(Next shot is of Wander)

Wander: (Is playing his banjo) do do do yid do yi do dit do

(he hears Shine)

Wander: Is that you, Shine?

(Shine runs into Wander)

Shine: I heard a rustling in the bush!

Wander: Then why didn't you chase it?

Shine: Because that's kind of how Dan disappeared.

Wander: Good point

(Next shot of Maddie)

Maddie: Dan! Dan!

(She looks around. A bush rustles)

Maddie: Dan?

(An alien rabbit jumps out at her and she screams)

Maddie: (sees it's just a rabbit) Thank goodness

(next shot of Sylvia)

Sylvia: I can't believe he took that dare.

(viewpoint of eyes in one of the bushes)

Sylvia: I mean he should know that woods can be dangerous.

(the eyes in the bush seem to get closer to Sylvia)

Sylvia: (sees the eyes) What the flar-

(the thing strikes. Shot of Shine and Wander)

Shine: Was that-

Wander: SYLVIA!

(to be continued.....)

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