(Wander, Shine, and Maddie run to where Sylvia was)

Wander: Where is she?

Maddie: I heard Sylvia and her zbornak slang.

Shine: I'm getting an uneasy feeling now.

Wander: (takes off hat) Maybe the hat will help?

(Wander digs in and pulls out a map)

Maddie: Thank goodness

Shine: Let me see that (takes it from Wander)

Wander: (looks over her shoulder) so we are here and that's where we were before.

Maddie: (looks around nervously and sees a bush move) um, guys?

Shine: (ignores) So maybe if we go that way...

Maddie: (she sees the red eyes in the bush) you guys!

Wander: (also ignores) so we should take this route....

(the thing strikes at Maddie and drags her away)

Shine: Ok so we should take that path to there. Right, Maddie?

(no reply)

Wander: Maddie?

Shine: She's gone!

(they look at each other and gulp)

Wander: We need to hurry!

Shine: Agreed!

(they start running through the forest. Shine trips)

Shine: Wander!

(the thing grabs Shine's leg and drags her away)

Wander: Shine!

(he looks around the forest)

Wander: I'm... all alone

(to be continued....)

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