(At night, on a mountain far away from Wander's home Shine sits, looking down at the town. It has been a long time since she had faked her death but she knew it was for her own good)

?: (robotic voice) I see you have gotten into one of your "deep thoughts" again

Shine: I just don't get it Iko. (she looks at the robot behind her) Why couldn't we tell Wander?

Iko: He could have exterminated the escape plan.

Shine: He wouldn't have done that!

Iko: Please do not override my system, Shine.

Shine: I'm sorry Iko but.... I want to go back there and find out where Wander is. He can't be in that town because I just know he became a wanderer. It's his destiny.

Iko: That was a silly dream Shine.


Iko: calm down or you will burn my circuits.

Shine: Just... leave me alone

Iko: Whatever you say

(Iko rolls away)

Shine: Who says dreams can't come true?

(she looks up at a star and closes her eyes and puts her hands on her heart.)

Shine: I dream, I hope

(Wander in the cave pops up on the screen)

Wander: I think, I pray

(back to Shine)

Shine: To find out where Wander is

(Back to Wander)

Wander: To tell Shine how I really feel

(both of them one half of the screen)

Wander and Shine: I just want us to be together.

(Some of Shine's tears fall off the mountain to down below. Wander is now seen outside the cave and some drops, Shine's tears, fall on his head. He blinks quickly)

Wander: i guess it's going to start raining.

(to be continued)

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