(Yes, i got it done!!!)

Wander: We aimed for the stars and we discovered who we are. We shared priceless moments that will last forever on. We lived each day together sometimes dusk until dawn. We watched each other grow in the heat of the sun in the chill of the snow. We laughed, played, and yearned to reach our goals we swore that we would ever since we were young.

Shine: But now that it's done and seeing how far we've come, my eyes fill with tears, remembering the past few years. I'm not saying I regret it. I'd never say that. But memories can feel like a knife in your back. Part of me wants time to reverse for the days to count down back to the first.

Wander: Nothing lasts forever this I know.

Shine: Everything changes as time flows

Wander: But that shouldn't matter.

Shine and Wander: I'll always be your best friend forever.

Time goes by, yesterday's gone. Prepare for tomorrow a future song.

Shine: I'll never forget

Wander: I'll always remember

Shine and Wander: Who we used to be and who we still are.

Shine: Now I see that even a cloudy day has sunshine

Wander: You just have to fly high enough to find it

Shine and Wander: You just have to believe you can find it.

We don't have to let go and we don't have to despair We can cherish these memories and remember our prayers and look straight ahead but recall whats behind and base our lives on the lessons we defined.

Our time has just begun, Our time has just begun.

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