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  • ForeverTrombone

    (I know another one of these. Bleh to you too)

    Lord Hater as Ellen

    Wander as Viola

    Peepers as the demon cat

    I was sick so no one played with me

    Hater: (coughs and sniffles) So anyone want to play video games or something? No? Is it because I have this cold thing?

    My mother and father didn't love me

    Hater: (yells away) Why don't you believe me? When I'm conqueror of all planets, you'll see! (cough, sniffle)

    So I X them

    Hater: (crosses parents out of family photo) That'll show them how much of a rebel I am! (evil laughter cough sniffle) .... Hopefully this comes off

    When I X my father and mother, a demon came along and ate them

    Peepers: Eh, no I'm more reasonable than that.

    The demon took me to the forest. He thanked me for the meal and gave me this hou…

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  • ForeverTrombone

    I'm Scorpio

    February 22, 2015 by ForeverTrombone

    (Scorpio randomly standing somewhere. Shine comes from behind)

    Shine: Hey you! Random guy! Are you an inhabitant of this planet?

    Scorpio: Uh Shine I'm not some random guy.

    Shine: But you sure don't look like someone I know.

    Scorpio: But I've told you a million times I'm-

    Nomad: You idiot! That's Scorpio! Duh!

    Shine: Oh right yes I knew that! (fake and unconvincing laugh)

    Scorpio: Do you think you can try to re-

    Nomad: I can always recognize him with that beautiful face of his. More beautiful than yours

    Shine: (goes up to Nomad) Are you trying to imply something is wrong with my face?

    Nomad: I don't know. It depends how much you look like Sylvia's bum.

    Shine: You little! 

    Nomad: Don't hate me! It's your face! (starts fighting Shine as Scorpio casually …

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  • ForeverTrombone

    Daughter of Red

    December 25, 2014 by ForeverTrombone

    (Oh you thought Daughter of Evil was over? Sorry not sorry)

    (le instrumental)

    (Chenavy walks down the street where everyone looks likes Angel)

    Chenavy: My birth was a big mistake and for that I always apologize to everyone who comes up to me. For them I would disappear. But it can't be helped, that I was born with tangled strands of red hair, Whilst theirs is (whatever color Angel is is) as the forest's bloom. They're so bright compared to me.

    (Chenavy sits by a big tree)

    Chenavy: And so I prayed within the wood, standing quiet at an aged old tree. It was said that its branches carry our prayers from the bark, to the mind of God. Being alone, it makes me sad, for I'm not evil and try to give all of myself to this world. So please, can you make …

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  • ForeverTrombone


    December 22, 2014 by ForeverTrombone

    (Everyone in the wandering group sits around a screen)

    Sylvia: Ok, why did you want us to bring horror movies on such short notice?

    Angel: I thought we could compare them, bro.

    Nomad: Not really. I'm trying to prove Angel's idea of horror movies is brainless.

    Wander: I like this game! Can we watch what i brought first? Spaghetti horror is the best!

    Nomad: I doubt pasta would make a decent horror movie.

    Sylvia: I wouldn't make fun of Wander's movies if I were you. he doesn't mean pasta spaghetti at all.

    Wander: Well it's not a horror movie if there isn't spaghetti.

    Sylvia: People are sensitive about their spaghetti!

    Wander: But then it's lame, am I right?

    Scorpio: I see your point

    Shine: I'll show you guys the best horror movie ever made!

    (Very unconvi…

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  • ForeverTrombone

    Nomad meets Sylvia

    December 20, 2014 by ForeverTrombone

    (Wander drags Nomad to Sylvia)

    Wander: Sylvia! This is my big brother, Nomad! Isn't he cool?

    Sylvia: I am Sylvia. A pleasure.

    Wander: I'm the North and he's the South. Since we were raised seperately, he spent time with boring people and became sort of a meanie. Right? Now say hi, Nomad!

    Nomad: Back away from me you dumb jellyfish hog

    Sylvia: Hm?

    (Wander hugs Nomad and drags him back)

    Nomad: Would you stop it with your hug therapy?

    Sylvia: I will never understand Wander

    (le later)

    (Nomad watches Sylvia carry boxes)

    Nomad: Ok Miss Jellyfish Hog. What did you do to twist my brother's brain around?

    Sylvia: (wasn't listening) Hm? What do you want?

    Nomad: Don't play stupid! Wander is already stupid enough! You're probably planning to force him to do somethi…

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