(Wander and Scorpio are alone)

Wander: So you wanted to talk to me privately?

Scorpio: Yes. It's very important that you keep this between us.

Wander: I'm not that good at keeping secrets but I can try my best.

Scorpio: Since you're the leader of the group and all I thought I should tell you this first.

Wander: (cute face) Tell me!

Scorpio: When the time comes around, I'm goi-

Random Scream: POTATOES!

Wander: (gets out a bottle of water) Pardon me for a second (sips and spits it in Scorpio's face) YOU'RE GOING TO WHAT?!

Scorpio: It's important that you not tell anyone.

Wander: Shine?

Scorpio: ESPECIALLY, not her.

Wander: When?

Scorpio: In about a month or two.

Wander: It's safe with me...... I hope

(Sorry guys but I guess you have to wait to find out. There was a potato war on the next planet over so it was like really noisy)

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