(Shine sits where she was last with Wander gone. Aurora comes from behind)

Aurora: (Jamaican accent) Such a shame, child. The cards told me your friend, Wander, took his life to get rid of the curse. He didn't seem to understand how curses work.

Shine: N-no he's fine. He's just sleeping.

Aurora: He's dead, child

Shine: Quiet!

Aurora: He was the only person able to put up with you. Now that he's gone, you're screwed, child.

(le title theme)

(Nomad stands in a hall trying to break a window with a chair)

ForeverTrombone: The crazed weirdo tried his best to escape but the raging anger inside him-

Nomad: Would you just shut up already?

ForeverTrombone: Hey! I'm not the weirdo hearing voices in my head!

Aurora: (appears behind Nomad) You ought to be getting the cabin fever, child.

Nomad: (stops hitting window) Huh? And who are you? I'm pretty busy releasing my anger on this window.

Aurora: The window did nothing to you, child. Why not release the anger on your friends?

Nomad: (drops chair) What? They're here too? Is Chenavy afraid? Tell me where she went, spirit girl! (Aurora disappears) Crap!


(Scorpio and Bara stand in a classroom looking at a newspaper article)

Scorpio: So this randomly placed newsreport says this is Heavenly Host Elementry. Which makes me believe Angel drugged us and left her here for sick pleasures

Bara: I don't think she'd have the time to do that, Onii-chan

Scorpio: Bara, did I give you permission to speak?


Scorpio: Man, I wish I could read this but my reading is pretty much at an elementry school level which makes it pretty ironic we ended up in one. But for what purpose? (really unnecessary zoom in) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Bara: Onii-chan....

Scorpio: Can't you hear me focusing, Bara, or do I need to focus louder?

Bara: But Onii-chan...

Scorpio: That's not going to work unless you're Shine


Scorpio: WHAT?!

Bara: Bara has to go to the bathroom


(in da bathroom)

Scorpio: Ok we're here now don't pee yourself.

Bara: Does that mean you'll quit making water sounds to make me feel bad?

Scorpio: Ha! You wish I was that nice! (tries to open stall) Hm... that's weird it won't open. Maybe if I pull hard enough.... (tries pulling hard)

Bara: Bara can hold it in, Onii-chan. Let's just go

Scorpio: (lets go) Fine... you win this time door

(Scorpio and Bara walk in the halls)

ForeverTrombone: And thus the two siblings started on their horrifying mission.

Bara: O-Onii-chan, did you hear that?

Scorpio: Hear what? Are you whining about your bladder again?

(Nomad takes pictures)

Scorpio: Nomad?

Nomad: Huh? (turns around) Scorpio! Isn't this place wonderful! It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling! A feeling like I completed a long term goal!

Scorpio: Your feeling smells like crap

Nomad: True... but true art cannot be held down by smells.

Scorpio: Huh?

Nomad: There are some real nutcases around here. If you happen to see one, tell me so I can.... do things.

Scorpio: (raises eyebrow) Say what now?

Nomad: Hah! No I'm just kidding... or am I?

Scorpio: You're scaring Bara

Bara: I'm actually fine

Scorpio: SHUT UP, BARA!

Nomad: Well I'm off to find my sweet Chenavy! I have pictures to get a marvelous reaction out of her. Tata for now!

(Angel stares at a clock and Makota is behind her)

Angel: (holds hands on head) The clock wasn't here before! Why would a clock be put here?!

Makota: Calm down, mistress!

Angel: It's so tacky! If I stay here, will I become tacky too? Not me... NOOOOOOOO

Makota: Calm down! Would insulting me make you feel better?

(a little boy spirit comes from behind)

Spirit: (giggle)

Makota: Wait a second... I saw your face in that newspaper... what did you do?

Angel: (looks away) Makota, stop being dumb and look away from him! Don't look into his eyes!

Makota: Huh? (looks away and the spirit appears in front of him) AHHH! Stay back, Medusa! I'll chop your head off, I swear!

Spirit: Crybaby or Mr. Wet-Himself? Which one tastes the blade first?

Angel: Makota! Choose him!

Spirit: (pins kinife on her throat) now now that's not very nice

Angel: Screw you!

Spirit: Looks like this is bye bye!

Makota: Stop it!

Spirit: I think I'll start with you! (disappears)

Makota: I,uh, think I peed myself but this time it's not so enjoyable

(Angel falls over)

Makota: And there she goes (helps her up) Come on, mistress. You can't be falling asleep now

Angel: (opens eyes) Quit calling me mistress you idiot

Aurora: (appears) It seems as if I came at the wrong time

Makota: Are you another Medusa?

Angel: Makota, quit being dumb.

Makota: So I can look?

Angel: Open your eyes!

Aurora: Yeah this is a bad time (walks away)

Angel: No I'm not like him! You're Aurora, right? Can I join your party instead?

Makota: Huh? You know that person?

(They follow Aurora)

Angel: Yeah. Aurora is a supernatural investigator who ran a blog but was shut down when trolls decided to infest her page (to Aurora) Uh, Aurora?

Aurora: So you came child?

Angel: I am your biggest fan ever! I loved your hotline show too!

Aurora: Thank you, child. I don't get that much anymore ever since the troll incident

Angel: After you posted about Sachiko Ever After you disappeared. I kept asking if OP was dead but got no response. Who knew you would end up here?

Makota: Speaking of which, why are you here? Did you try it with your group of friends too?

Aurora: Maybe...

Makota: You know I was happy in Yonder with normal problems. NOW I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MEDUSAS AND GHOSTS GETTING ALL STABBY STABBY!


(Sylvia comes across a room where Chenavy sits with two young girl spirits)

Sylvia: Chenavy?

Chenavy: Oh hey, Sylvia!

Sylvia: Are you trying to get killed? Get away from those spirits!

Chenavy: Oh they're fine!

(The spirits pick her up by the legs and carry her to some unknown place)

(to be continued)

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