I may as well give you who is out there.

Havoc aka Equinox Wander - Wander really loves helping people but not havoc. Instead he loves helping others in his own way. But sometimes his way isn't always that helpful.

Steamia aka Equinox Sylvia - Determined to fly like Shine, Staright, and Maddie, she gets motors installed in her to act as wings but it changed her drasticly. She's been slowly going insane ever since.

Raven aka Equinox Chenavy - She is very interested in dark magic and does it constantly. Never bring up her fascination with eclipses and pure darkness and evil because then you'll surely pay the price

Rose Thorn aka Equinox Aurora - After one of Havoc's attempts to help, he accidently kills Rose Thorn. Raven used dark magic to resurrect her but thorns still are stuck to her.

I'm still working on others but while you're at feel free to ask a question below. I also have other ones prepared. 

Here's a little fun bonus:

Havoc: (has a g major voice) Happy Easter everyone. He he he

Happy Nightmares!

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