Well I'm pretty bored so why not?

Villager (changed to Wanderer) - Wander

Butler - Nomad

Maid - Chenavy

Master - Sun

Lady - Maddie

Daughter - Yaya

Dolls - Shine and Scorpio

Narrator: ForeverTrombone (your favorite tromboney girl)

(Quick introduction: Wander and Sylvia were traveling, Wander lost Sylvia. He is trying to find her. Comes across a planet. It begins! This is a song btw... js hue)

ForeverTrombone: A friendly wanderer lost, deep, deep in Yonder, arrives at planet as black as night, crumpled paper in hand.

(le jazzy music)

ForeverTrombone: He knocks on a manor's rotting door.

Wander: Is anybody there?

Nomad: My, do you need any help?

Shine: Welcome....

Scorpio: ....To our wondrous mansion

Chenavy: Let me serve you some tea.

ForeverTrombone: Everyone gathers and the lost guest is appraised

Sun: A meeting like this is a gift from destiny

Scorpio and Shine: Then we should PARTY! PARTY!

ALL: Let us welcome you

Scorpio: Hurry! Hurry!

Nomad: Prepare the feast!

Chenavy: Be merry, be festive!

Maddie: Let's all give a toast!

Shine: Are you ready?

Yaya: We are, indeed.

ALL: Then let us begin!

He is the lead actor of this crazy night, all filled up with a huge feast! And once you're just full enough, won't you just enjoy yourself so? Sing, dance, and be merry and just forget what's sweet and bitter until the point of madness enjoy a happy night!

ForeverTrombone: The night after the banquet, something seemed amiss. The traveler went to sleep but morning never came.

Shine: Shall we....

Scorpio:.... tell you a secret?

Shine and Scorpio: Look at the clock!

ForeverTrombone: He then became scared and fled into a secret room and opening the heavy door he found-


ForeverTrombone: .... A pile of coffins

Yaya: Oh dear!

Sun: So you saw it


Chenavy: Don't be scared please

Shine: Where are you going?

Nomad: Where, indeed?

ALL: Please wait!

You are the lead actor in this crazy night is all according to the script! What then of tonight? What ending? It's all up to you, you know. Search, look hard for a happy ending, but mess up the order and it's all over. Does the true end lie in the coffins? Is it anoher bad end night?

Wander: What can I do to get out of here?

Maddie and Sun: Once the play is over....

Chenavy and Nomad: Then you shall return

Wander: The key to a happy ending, where has it ended up? That coldly glinting key.... I found it!

I am the lead actor of this crazy night, plunging the key into everything I see! And once I'd swung it enough, I'd become to enjoy myself so....

ALL:Run! Run! Run for your life! Forget the play and the lines! Until the point of madness! Break apart this bad end night!

ForeverTrombone: He is the lead actor of this crazy night. But the cast and stage are all gone and with the story over, now shall we all leave to together? Sing, dance, be merry and forget what is sweet and bitter until the point of madness. Enjoy a bad end night.


ForeverTrombone: In the now silent room, a shadow gave a round of applause.

?: A good show you put on tonight

ForeverTrombone: And he picked up the letter and began to cry.

(the end... for now) :P

> link to Bad End Night

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