(Oh you thought Daughter of Evil was over? Sorry not sorry)

(le instrumental)

(Chenavy walks down the street where everyone looks likes Angel)

Chenavy: My birth was a big mistake and for that I always apologize to everyone who comes up to me. For them I would disappear. But it can't be helped, that I was born with tangled strands of red hair, Whilst theirs is (whatever color Angel is is) as the forest's bloom. They're so bright compared to me.

(Chenavy sits by a big tree)

Chenavy: And so I prayed within the wood, standing quiet at an aged old tree. It was said that its branches carry our prayers from the bark, to the mind of God. Being alone, it makes me sad, for I'm not evil and try to give all of myself to this world. So please, can you make a friend for me?

(le instrumental)

(le next day. Chenavy goes to the tree to find Angel resting underneath it)

Chenavy: I soon revisited that aged old tree, to find a girl resting beneath. (Chenavy introduces herself) I helped her up and made her well and she smiled at me.

(le Chenavy and Angel chatting)

Chenavy: It was clear that we would be friends from the start. Her smile and voice was all I needed to continue on in this sad world. She made my world seem so clear. She is the finest in the village. No, she is the finest in all the land. Her hair shines with all the life in this world. People loved her and she loved them back.

(Chenavy gives Angel a confused look and mouths a question)

Chenavy: But what was she thinking of me? I was an outcast, not worthy of her. And so I asked her, why would she even think of speaking to me?

(Angel hugs her as Chenavy cries)

Chenavy: Though, when she put her arms around me and whispered so softly, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

Angel: "You are a treasure. You're so pure. You are simply misunderstood. People will see, you are better than all of them"

Chenavy: Even if the entire world, went and pointed and laughed and destroyed everything that made me me, then I know that you would be there and make everything alright. You are my friend and you will revieve my faith in the world. 

(le instrumental)

(le Angel and Chenavy working in a kitchen)

Chenavy:We escaped from our old life and travelled far to a city of orange. Everything is so big compared to us but we will survive if we stay together. A merchant's house stood at the edge of town and we became servants to this famous lady. We lived our life, breathed happiness in our hours. It was a small job, but I loved every minute of it.

(le Wander with Angel in a garden. Chenavy watches from behind a bush)

Chenavy: And then he came, that man of royalty. He fell in love with you, and whisked you away to live in silk and finery. I knew that this was the end. I wept that day for you, my friend.

(le Shine sitting on a throne)

Chenavy: Across the sea, an anger boiled and overflowed. One heart was rejected, broke and raged war. The Queen of Yellow, a dictator known across the lands. She wanted to ravage him, tear him up like he did to her, thus she needed to take something precious from him.

Shine: "Kill every girl like her you meet.  These sirens must be exterminated"

Chenavy: As the extermination passed, I was left as a ghost, an invisible spector amongst the dead. I wish I had died in that slaughter, and that you could have lived. At least then you would have a chance at happiness

(Chenavy stands looking out to the sea with a church behind her)

Chenavy: My birth was a big mistake and for that I always apologize to everyone who comes up to me. For them I would disappear. I found myself living at a small habour, embalming my loneliness in a church. Rumours had flitted around the country, the Queen had died, the revolution had taken her head.

(she looks over across the shore and she's Shine passed out in a cloak. Chenavy runs to her)

Chenavy: It then I found a girl, having collapsed upon the sands. I helped her up and made her well and she cried to me. Soon we both became good friends. So many happy memories we both made. Our stories so sad and tragic. We could both relate to each other

(later that night: Chenavy looks in a room and sees Shine crying on the ground)

Chenavy: It was late at night when I heard her cry, the young woman crying in a confession box, all her sins were put in plain sight! I should have been able see she is nothing more than the Queen of Yellow.

(Shine stands on the seashore looking out at night. Chenavy holds up a knife, ready to stab)

Chenavy: At the end of the town there stands a port. She stands there... a lonely girl and the curtains open as I appear behind her. My knife is poised. The brat doesn't see. Her black blood will spill. I get ready to swing- (gasp)

(A hallucination of Scorpio appears hugging Shine)

Scorpio: I will protect you against anyone

(Chenavy jumps back and drops the knife. Shine turns around and looks at her)

Chenavy: There is something I need to say, I need to tell you that I have failed. I couldn't get the revenge for your death. But there is a reason behind it... It's like looking in a mirror. She was left alone like me, left by someone who used to be so loyal. I couldn't let her suffer that way

(Chenavy and Shine start walking back to the chapel)

Chenavy: This Queen that was served on hand and foot was able to make herself some food. She told me her favourite thing was brioche. It was so sweet...She really has improved.

(Chenavy looks back to the seashore where Scorpio is no longer)

Chenavy: It's so weird, but back at that port, I thought I saw something....A spirit boy hugging her from behind. He protected her...But...Why? Who is he?

le end)

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