(Scorpio randomly standing somewhere. Shine comes from behind)

Shine: Hey you! Random guy! Are you an inhabitant of this planet?

Scorpio: Uh Shine I'm not some random guy.

Shine: But you sure don't look like someone I know.

Scorpio: But I've told you a million times I'm-

Nomad: You idiot! That's Scorpio! Duh!

Shine: Oh right yes I knew that! (fake and unconvincing laugh)

Scorpio: Do you think you can try to re-

Nomad: I can always recognize him with that beautiful face of his. More beautiful than yours

Shine: (goes up to Nomad) Are you trying to imply something is wrong with my face?

Nomad: I don't know. It depends how much you look like Sylvia's bum.

Shine: You little! 

Nomad: Don't hate me! It's your face! (starts fighting Shine as Scorpio casually watches)

Scorpio: (thinks in head) Those stupid idiots! They act like I'm not even here. (clenches fist) Maybe I'm not that known or rich or involved or special but today I'm going to give them a what for. (says out loud) Oh you guys! (giggles)

Shine: (stops fighting with Nomad for a brief second) Well Scorpio, I really am sorry about that.

Scorpio: (stands dumbfounded and thinks to himself) I can't think of anything to say back.

(original and stuff )

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