So I decided to do Ib before Mad Father because this is less shaky than Mad Father as of right now. Anyways, here are the roles.

Ib  - Chenavy (main protagonist, pretty much mute, representative of the red rose)

Garry  - Nomad (meets Ib in gallery, representative of the blue rose)

Mary  - Shine (Unknown what her role is until later, representative of the yellow rose)

Well then here is a pretty song from it :P

?: Come down below, Ib. I'll show you some place secret.

Nomad: Lost and all alone,

I held the fear at bay

Always called the "weakling"

I've never been too brave, but

From the time we met

Things began to change

I fight now to protect 

Someone tied by fate

Shine: From the black and frigid darkness that I am

Somehow I could wake

From nothingness I broke out of my shell

Met with only pain

Pain that I could love

That I could gain

That I could hate

Pain that gave me courage

To fight against my fate


Take all that I have

But please take me away

I want to see the true world

Outside this maze

Chenavy: What is this world, so different

From what I've ever seen

Is this reality distorting

Or some little girl's dream

Petals scatter all around me

As I'm forced to choose

Red, yellow, blue

Three into two

An evergreen truth

Chenavy: (spoken) Is this ok?

Are you asleep, Nomad?

ALL: Is this the price of reality?

Nomad: (spoken) Can you return that rose?

Shine: (evil giggling)

Chenavy: Petals of a rose

Nomad: Falling to the ground

Shine: With no one there to hear it

ALL: Does it still make a sound?

Lost, but not alone

We learned some time ago

A secret solitude

That only we know

(Oh bonus for you!)

Chenavy: Nomad, are you sleeping? Are you? (shakes him) Imma eat candy, ok? (eats candy) Why're you sleeping? Wake up! (takes lighter from his pocket) Imma take your lighter. k? Bye bye (runs away)

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