(Shine runs down the steps into her father's lab)

Shine: Father? (sees Hadley slumped against a wall)

Shine: Hadley, are you ok?

Hadley: Hm.... Doctor? (passes out)

Shine: I should leave her be. (goes through a door behind her)

(She enters a chapel like room and sees Scorpio standing there)

Shine: Oh it's you again

Scorpio: Not running away screaming this time? (turns around, now having a bandaged eye)

Shine: I've seen worse from that point until now.

Scorpio: Did any of them try to hurt you?

Shine: Well duh... Hey why are you so concerned?

Scorpio: You're the only innocent person in this house. What your father and his assistant do is cruel and evil. You shouldn't suffer from that.

Shine: But-

Scorpio: I want to help you out of here.

Shine: Would you make it out there with me?

Scorpio: No. I'm already dead. I was just brought back because of the curse.

Shine: So once you step out, you just fall over dead?

Scorpio: Pretty much.

Shine: (shakes head) I can't do that. I have to save my father.

Scorpio: (takes her hand) Please you have to get out of here.

Shine: No! (pulls hand away) My father needs me and I made a promise to my mom to protect him.

Scorpio: You don't understand. He wants to hu-

(Hadley knocks him out from behind)

Hadley: Mistress?

Shine: Thank you. I'm ok.

Hadley: Carry on. I will hold back anything else that comes.

(Shine runs off)

(A little while later)

(Shine looks in a barrel)

Shine: Hey! It's my toy chainsaw.


Shine: (giggles) vroom vroom!

Father: (takes away chainsaw) Shine! You could hurt yourself!

Shine: But daddy!

Father: Now go with your mother.

Mother: Shine, were you playing with that chainsaw again?

Shine: Sorry mom. It's just really fun.

Mother: Here (hands her flower crown) Just for you

Shine: Oh wow! Thanks mom!

Mother: (kisses Shine's forehead) May you be smiled upon, Shine

(back to reality)

Shine: I remember that day. (looks down at chainsaw) NOW LET'S CUT STUFF!

(to be continued)

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