(cause why not?)

(Wander and Sylvia look at Bara)

Wander: She's cute!

Sylvia: Cute? She is a serious threat to us.

Wander: She's just a baby! Hi baby!


(Angel, Shine, and Scorpio together)

Angel: Well that isn't nice

Shine: Bruh, shut the heeeeeeeeck up

Angel: You shut the heeeeeeeeeck up

Shine: (pushes Angel) No, you shut the heeeeeeeck up

Scorpio: You can both go and shut up

Shine: I'm not talking to you Scorpio!

Angel: Rainbow! (throws up rainbow) BLEEEEEEEH!


(Makota, Sylvia, and Moon together)

Sylvia: Moon!

Moon: What?

Makota: Zbornaks never wear clothes


(Luka randomly dances to Luka Luka Night Fever)


(Flame and Alobe together)

Alobe: There's something on your face (punches his face) IT WAS PAIN!


(Chenavy and Nomad)

Chenavy: Did you just summon a whole bunch of monsters?

Nomad: Yeah so?

Chenavy: That's against the rules

Nomad: Screw the rules! I am blue!


(Wander sitting alone)

Wander: Oh my gosh, you know what I need? A random party!

(People appear out of no where and dance)


(Angel's head turns)


(Wander and Sylvia)

Sylvia: I don't care how delicious they are! They threaten us! There's only one thing we can do!

Wander: We gonna make sandwiches! We gonna make sandwiches! We gonna make sandwiches!

Sylvia: No! Never mention sandwiches again!



(Chenavy reads a book with dramatic music playing in the background)

Chenavy: I found the-

Bara: (appears out of no where) DOCTOR OCTONOMAPUS (shoots laser from mouth)






(Bara randomly standing alone)

Bara: O-Onii-chan

(Another Bara appears out of no where)

2nd Bara: DOCTOR OCTONOMAPUS! (shoots laser from mouth)

(Everyone in the wandering group is sitting together)

Scorpio: So Shine-

Bara: (makes fart noise)

Scorpio: Bara, let me spend time with Shine

Bara: (fart noise)

Scorpio:And you can stop making that noise everytime I say Shine

Bara: (fart noise)

Angel: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

Bara: (long fart noise)

Nomad: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

Bara: (longer fart noise)

Flame: Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine!

Bara: (makes farts noise five times)

Wander: (whispers) Shine

Bara: (silent fart noise)


Moon: Uh oh! Is it what I think it is?

Flame: Diaherraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Scorpio: Now you're going to get it Bara! You and me! Come on! Fight me!

Bara: (boops his nose) Boop!

Scorpio: (rolls around crying)


Sylvia: Wander, self destruct!

Wander: YAY! FINALLY! (explodes)

(Da end)

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