So many versions of a Wander Over Yonder movie and some pieces of fanart have inspired come to come up with my own.

When Wander and Sylvia meet their genderbent counterparts from another galaxy, Wanda and Sylvester, they have to work together to defend Yonder and Yonda ,Wanda and Sylvester's galaxy, against Lord Hater and Lady Hater, his female counterpart when they threaten both galaxies.

This would run for one hour.

Here's a small part from it

Wander: Wow you look so familiar.

Wanda: So do you!

Sylvia: I find this weird

Sylvester: So do I

Wander: I'm Wander and this is my zbornak, Sylvia.

Wanda: I'm Wanda and this is MY zbornak SYLVESTER.

Wander: Something seems off...

Wanda: Really off.....

Sylvia and Sylvester: You don't say... Why are you copying me? Why am I copying you? Quit copying me!

Wander and Wanda: You guys sound so adorable. Wait, now we're doing it. (they laugh)

Sylvester: Just tell them why we are here, Wanda.

Wanda: Oh yeah... why are we here?

Sylvester: I'll tell them. An evil empress named Lady Hater threatened this galaxy and ours, Yonda.

Wander: Yonda? But you're in YondER

Wanda: But she is threatening YondER and YondA

Wander and Wanda: (turn to each other) Your galaxy has such a funny name. Jinx, double jinx, triple jinx.

Wander: Knock on wood, you owe me a sandwich

Wanda: Knock on zbornak, you owe me two sandwiches

Wander: I like this girl already

(Sylvia and Sylvester facepalm at the same time)

Sylvia and Sylvester: There's no way we're escaping this.

I'm still coming up with the list of voice actors. I know for sure one song would be a If You Wander Over Yonder Duet.

Will be updating later!

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