(Not for real this is just a song. This does not express my opinion at all or Nomad's opinion because he isn't worth one hue)

Nomad: I am done

I am through

I am just sick of it all

I am sick of everybody making a fool of me

I am done

I am through

I am just sick of it all

I am not a rag doll

I'm a person! Knock it off!

(le piano)

Ever since the day Katie came up with me

Female ocs were more popular

But does that really give them the right to treat me like I'm nobody

But this is the main problem I have

People always feel the need to ship me (cough, Crystal.... moar shipz)

Especially with Scorpio

Do people know I'm not a gay guy and I like Chenavy

And people get I'm not a pervert either

I'm just a normal guy who wanders the galaxy

And no I don't use Bara as my loli

What am I go to have to do to get this message through?


I am done

I am through

I can't take this anymore

I am sick people using me for things I'm not meant for

I am done

I am through

You won't walk on me this time

I am not a worthless character

I am a person


I am done

I am through

I won't give moar shipz to you

So stop pairing me with every fanmade character

Oh how can I make this message anymore clearer?


(flips piano)

Based off this

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