(The final song of The Daughter of Evil aka Regret Message. This is the conversation going on during the song so I'm doing this, then the song, then the actual ending. 2organized4u)

(Heads up! Shine is Riliane or my queen and Scorpio is Allen. Roll with it bruh)

(Scorpio and Shine are by the shore on a beach. The castle is in the background. Scorpio places a message in a bottle in the sea)

Shine: You're really serious aren't you, Allen?

Scorpio: (looks back) What do you mean?

Shine: (crosses arms) This can't make your wishes come true.

Scorpio: Would you like to give it a try, my queen?

Shine: Hmph! It's a game for peasants. I don't need it. And...

(Scorpio gives her a look)

Shine: You already give me all that I want. Why would I need to do it?

(Scorpio smiles at her)

Shine: What do you even wish for? You do this everyday.

Scorpio: (looks at Shine seductively) For my queen to finally notice me.

Shine: ALLEN! (blushes)

Scorpio: (laughs) Take it easy. I'm just kidding. I wish my queen will be happy for the rest of her life.

Shine: (stands beside Scorpio) Then stay with me forever because I'm the happiest when I'm with you.

(Scorpio gives her a surprised look)

Scorpio: ....Really? (looks out to the bottle)Then I'm glad I'm able to make you feel that way. (smiles)

(doing this tomorrow :p)

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