(This is a creepypasta I made but I'm only posting one appropiate scene)

Maddie was glad she and Shine made up and all but.... something was wrong.... something was off..... she seemed a little too friendly. For taking one of her best friends from her it just seemed too kind. Shine would always seem to be watching her in the shadows. Whenever Maddie asked what she was doing all Shine would say is, "I'm just checking up on you.... friend" Maddie found this rather suspcious. She decided to talk with Shine to see if everything was ok.

Maddie slowly came up behind her. "Shine, can we talk?"

Shine slowly looks over her shoulder "Of course. Anything for a.... friend"

"That's exactly what I wanted to talk about-"

Shine bites her bottom lip. "You don't say. Maybe we could play a game first... friend"

Maddie was quite shocked. She didn't expect this. Why... why would Shine want to play a game with her? This was serious but she may as well. What harm could it do?....

"W-why not?" Maddie felt the fear shiver her.

"You run and hide and I try to find you. Got it?"

"uh... ok. But we need to talk afterwa-"

"There will be no time to talk... friend. Run and hide before I start counting"

Maddie ran away as fast as she could. She felt something was definately wrong with Shine. This all seemed so creepy. Her heart pounded in her chest as fear took a hold of her. Shine's voice comes from far away "I'm coming"

Maddie quickly hid behind a tree. This can't be! Why is Shine doing this? Does she plan on- Maddie couldn't even finish her thought because that's when Shine leaned against her and whispers in her ear "Gotcha" 

Maddie couldn't remember what happened next..... it was her very last thought...... but Shine still wondered, I wonder what my old pal Wander is up to. Maybe he'd like to play a game too.

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