(Why not hue)

(Remember Sabrina singing World is Mine? Well, this will be called Scorpio is Mine)

(le instrumental while Shine and Bara are on both sides of Scorpio)

Shine: (locks arms with Scorpio) I am the number one princess in the whole wide world. You should know by heart how to treat me!

Bara: (pulls Scorpio in her own direction) He's mine!

(le instrumental)

Bara: (fixes hair) First off, you should notice how my hair looks different from usual everyday. (points down to feet) Second off, you should know when I wear a new pair of shoes

Scorpio: But you don't-

Bara: GOT IT?!

Scorpio: Yes! Of course!

Shine: (pulls Scorpio her way and pats his head) Third off, with every word I say, I expect the three words "I love you" in reply. If you understand, you must see that my right hand needs another one in it

(Scorpio reaches for Shine's hand but Bara slaps it away)

Bara: No, I'm not trying to sound selfish or anything like that

Shine: (gives Bara a stern look) But I want you to know by heart that I'm your-

Bara: (cuts off Shine) Number one princess in the whole wide world. Remember that!

Scorpio: The crap I put up with

Bara: Hey! Hey!

Shine: (puts an arm around Scorpio) You really shouldn't keep me waiting

(Shine and Bara look eye to eye)

Both: Who do you think you are?

Shine: How about we go out together (grabs Scorpio's arm) Right now you hear?

(All three sit at a cafe. Random chatter you don't understand)

Shine: (giggles) Oh, Scorpio

Bara: Check one, two!

Both: (they look at each other) Uuuuuugh

Bara: (accidentally spills water on herself. Sings to Shine as Scorpio helps her) Flaws? I think you mean adorable mistakes. (to Scorpio) And you're not allowed to complain

Scorpio: Are you being serious right now?

Bara: Are you even listening to me? Hey!

Shine: (puts on flirty face) Oh, Scorpio, could you pick me up on a white horse like in those fairytales and ride away with me? We stop under a tree and you kneel down and call me-

Bara: The wicked witch of the west?

Shine: Hey!

Bara: Surely, I'm not trying to be selfish in anyway.

Scorpio: (facepalm) You guys-

Bara: (innocent face) Feel free to scold me every once in a while

Shine: (hugs Scorpio) You're my only prince in the whole wide world and you should know-

Scorpio: (pulls away) Can you guys just calm down?

Shine: Hey! Hey!

Both: Why can't we hold hands? (they look at each other) Your hand?!

Scorpio: Screw it! (sits back in his own seat)

Shine: Oh come on! You just have to notice me now

(Scorpio sits looking pissed)

Bara: (gives Shine a mean look) It's obvious that you just do not understand, DO NOT understand at all

Shine: (pushes cake towards Scorpio who still looks pissed) Many, many strawberries on a shortcake

Bara: (pushes pudding in front of Scorpio) Pudding made with the finest ingredients

Both: Anything! Anything! I will give it up! Just please don't think I'm a selfish brat

Shine: I can be nice

Bara: Just let us be your-

Both: Number one princesses in the whole wide world

Scorpio: (still looking mad) Just stop guys

Shine: (stands up) Fine! If you won't notice me, I'll just disappear

Bara: (walks away with Shine) Me too

(As they go into the road, a truck almost hits them. Scorpio runs and tackles them out of the way)

Both: Suddenly, our prince saved us last minute

Scorpio: Be more careful or you'll get hurt


(they both kiss his cheeks and he blushes deep red)


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