Angel as Miku

Chenavy as Luka (not Silver's Luka)

Shine as Lily

Bara as Teto (TETOOOOOO)

(Angel looks at her laptop)

Angel: No, no, no (screams) Dang it

(Shine and Chenavy run in)

Shine and Chenavy: Angel!

Shine: Are you ok?

Angel: Yes. I just died

Chenavy: Ooooh. Are you playing Slender?

Angel: Yeah

Chenavy: I love that game

Shine: Uh, what is it about?

Chenavy: Shine plays first, then me, then Bara

Angel: Ok then 

(Shine sits at the laptop)

Shine: Uh, what do I do now?

Angel: Collect the pages

Chenavy: Then run from Slenderman

Shine: WHAT?! I saw him

Chenavy: Run.


Angel: Look away. Look away! LOOK AWAAAAAAAAAAAY! (Shine dies in the game) Gosh darn it, Shine

(Shine just sits looking horrified)

Chenavy: I should play now

Shine: This is freaking scary.... I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME!

(Chenavy starts playing)

Chenavy: Stop saying freaking. You sound stupid

Shine: Oh sorry ;-;

Chenavy: (sees Slenderman) Freak. (tries running away) Freak freak freak freak freak (dies) FREEEEEEEEEEEEAK

(Shine laughs)

Chenavy: I died

Angel: I see. Bara your turn

Bara: (looks in from hall) For what?

Angel: You'll see

(Bara derps)

(A while later)

Bara: (at the laptop and jumps back) What is that?!

(Shine, Angel, and Chenavy watch and laugh)

Bara: (dies and starts screaming really loudly)

Shine: Isn't that just ador-

(Bara screams more, grows demon wings, and she smashes the laptop)

Chenavy: I think you need a new laptop, Angel

Bara: (wings disappear) Uh......

(Lesson 1 of life: Never scare a loli)


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