(I guess The Goddess didn't post but I'm too lazy to type it out again. But basicly Shine finds out she's a star goddess and Misty turns up so Shine starts to wander with the group again.)

(Wander carves at a piece of wood by the lake.)

Luka: Wander?

Wander: I'd recognize that voice anywhere. (turns around and groans) What are you doing here?

Luka: I'm here to change your mind.

Wander: Well, you can't.

Luka: But I know the right decision

Wander: I don't think I should trust someone who practically bullied me at camp.

Luka: Did not! I just called you a player and walked away.

Wander: Fine, fine, fine. Just tell me what you think.

Luka: I think you should go out with Maddie because she is sweet, kind, not a rip off of you (coughs) Wanda, and doesn't pretend to give you stars on hats (coughs) Shine.

Wander: (stabs his knife in the ground and gets up in Luka's face) NOBODY talks about my friends like that, even if they've disappointed me.

Luka: The truth can't be helped Wander.

Wander: Go away. About the only girls not hitting on me here are Fier and Sylvia.... (thinks about it) well maybe just Fier and she said no to me a long time ago.

Luka: Ok. Whatever fits your hat, player.

Wander: That little ( takes a deep breath and grabs the TV Y-7 label out of the corner and yells a whole bunch of stuff no one can understand)

(one hour later)

(Wander plays "If You Wander Over Yonder" on his banjo. When he almost finishes the song, he gets mad and breaks a string. He grabs the now crumpled TV Y-7 label and yells into it again. Behind him a trombone finishes the song for him.)

Wander: (drops label) If you're another- young girl? (A younger female red Wander creature with orange hair hanging loose and a trombone in one hand)

?: It looks like you're in serious trouble.

Wander: You're a young girl. How would you know?

Katie: Well I'm typing this story. I'm Katie

Wander: Huh?

Katie: Nevermind.

(Katie sits next to Wander and sets her trombone down)

Wander: It all started when-

Katie: Maddie and Shine got into a fight and Wanda joined in and that ticked you off so you came here for some relief.

Wander: How did you know?

Katie: I told you I'm typing this story.

(Wander just looks at her blankly)

Katie: Just forget what I said. How you tell me about the star on your hat?

Wander: Are you going to finish the story again?

Katie: (puts hands up) I'm all.... whatever you listen from.

Wander: Shine gave it to me when we were younger to show that our friendship will last forever.

Katie: What were those last four words?

Wander: Friendship will last forever

Katie: And....

Wander: Oh I love guessing games! Uh... My friendship with.... uh the wandering group will last forever!

Katie: All together now

Wander: My friendship with the wandering group will last forever.

Katie: There you go

Wander: You're like my fairy god daughter cause you're younger than me. Get it?

Katie: I get it because I typed it

Wander: What's with you and typing?

Katie: Nothing. Just go say you're sorry, ok?

Wander: Thanks again Katie. (She is gone) Katie? (looks around) She must've gone away

(Wander sticks his banjo in his hat and heads back to the wandering group)

(to be continued.....)

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