I have an alibi. swag

(around a campfire)

Wander: And that's how I helped an old lady cross the street.

Nomad: Fascinating

(There is a growl from behind)

Micky: Uh, what was that?

Emma: Wolf!

Aurora: Run?

Nomad: I think Chenavy has this.

Chenavy: I-I.... (sees stick on the ground) I know what to do

Sylvia: Chenavy, I don't think you should listen to Nomad.

Chenavy: Believe me. Wander pass me a sandwich. (Wander hands her one) Just watch in wonder (An angry looking wolf comes from the bushes) Now we see wolves as a danger to us (holds a torch towards it. It growls at her) They started out as microbes like you and me created by the almighty one just he made us evolve differently. We're connected to them in the blood but we just keep hurting each other. (throws the torch in the fire) I'm sure you all know wolves are connected to puppies too. They evolved in order to survive in our galaxy. (offers out the sandwich to the wolf. It gladly takes it) If we all just respect each other. (The wolf slowly evolves into a small puppy)

Wander: How did she-

Chenavy: Well it's the secret in our Cosmos.

Emma: She makes a point

Starlight: How would you think of all that?

Chenavy: I guess you just have to be a little mad. (winks at Nomad and he nods at her)

Sylvia: Have you decided if you wanted to wander with us yet?

Chenavy: (looks at everyone's hopeful faces) Well.... I don't know. Is yes a detailed enough answer?

Wander: Welcome to the group!

Nomad: Well I have to be on my way.

Chenavy: (upset) You have to? 

Nomad: Yes I do. Why so upset?

Chenavy: You just taught me something valuable.

Nomad: (smirks) Oh ok then.

Chenavy: Ok then b- (Nomad kisses her and interupts her sentence)

Nomad: Well ice to meet you all. I will see you guys around. (flies off with angel wings)

Wander: Did I ever tell you guys he was a guardian angel for some chick named Chenavy? Crazy huh?

Chenavy: (eyes twitches) Wha- wha-wha.....

(Everyone else facepalms)

Sylvia: Somedays, I worry about you Wander.

(The end)

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