( I decided to twist up my original storyline a bit to make it more interesting)

(Maddie, Dan, Wander, Sylvia, and Midnight (disguised as Shine) walk along to the town)

Wander: (sighs) Before we go in, I want to say something

Dan: Speak away

Wander: I want us to all get along. Please

Sylvia: (is silent for a while and looks down) I need to speak my mind. Shine has been acted like a snarfyle yohit ever since you asked her out.

Midnight: How dare you call me a no good mean jerk in zbornak.

Maddie: Ever since when does Shine speak zbornak?

Wander: My point is that we're all friends and we can't go out at each other like this. We are all connected at the hip and if we want to stick together we need to get along!

(Midnight looks down at the ground. There is a sparkle in her eye)

Midnight: Stop, I can't do this anymore.

(Everyone looks at her)

Sylvia: Do what anymore?

Midnight: I'm not Shine!

All: WHAT?!

(Midnight snaps and Shine appears beside her)

Maddie: What the-

(Midnight snaps again and turns into her normal self)

Dan: A dark zbornak?!

Midnight: My name is Midnight and I am a dark zbornak. 

Shine: (brushes herself off) Why did you do this?

Midnight: Lord Hater told me to capture Wander but- but I just couldn't do it.

Sylvia: Hater! Why didn't you get us all at once?

Wander: Aren't a little, you know, young to work for Hater?

Midnight: Well, traveling with you guys made me think about what I was really doing. You've taught me more than I have learned my whole life. You've taught me the strength (looks at Dan), passion (looks at Shine), kindness (looks at Maddie), heart (looks at Sylvia), and leadership (looks at Wander who smiling at her) it takes to have a wandering group and more importantly, a group of friends. I want to join you guys.

(They all look at each other)

Maddie: Doesn't she seem kind of young?

Wander: No. She's 13 years, 7 months, and 29 days old.

Dan: How do you know?

Wander: Just a hunch

Midnight: He's pretty much spot on.

(they smile at each other)

Wander: Midnight, welcome to the wandering group.

Midnight: Thank you guys so much! (flies up in joy)

Wander: Group hug!

Everyone: (except Midnight) NO! (they run in different directions)

Wander: That leaves you and me.

Midnight: Um, yeah bye!

(flies in a different direction)

Wander: aw come on!

(The End)

(twist ending! lol)

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