Katie: Everyone here? (Looks around) Excellent. Now I've gathered you all here to help me out. I'm dead in the brain. No ideas are coming out so you all will help me get ideas

Hater: (appears screaming on the ground) No Peepers! Don't let me fall!

(Everyone blankly stares at him)

Maddie: What is he doing here? (Sneers)

Katie: I got some canon characters to come too...... well only Wander, Sylvia, and Hater. Getting into McCracken's imagination is really difficult.

Angel: Wander is here!?

Wander: Over here! (Waves hand in the back)

(Everyone breaks out talking)

Katie: Everyone hush!

(They continue. Katie looks up at a light on the ceiling. It almost falls on Adeline)

Adeline: Um, you could've broke my nail.

Katie: Anyways-

Hadley: Quick question. How will we incorporate all our ideas into one script?

Katie: That's a really good question. +points to a door at the right) Beyond that door is a maze. Make it to the end and your idea is used. Simple..... well not too simple (grins)

Fier: What if we don't want to?

Katie: Then it will beva lot less lonely in here (giggles)

Hater: This is the perfect plan. I go through that maze and provide the idea to take over the universe..

Shine I could bring Scorpio back

(To be continued)

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