(everyone starts going separate directions, some in groups, some on their own. Shine and Scorpio are still holding hands)

Chenavy: Shine, are you coming?

Nomad: We should be on our way, Scorpio.

Shine: (looks at Scorpio) We can do this.

(Shine lets go of his hand and runs off with Chenavy)

Scorpio: (in his head) I wish she could've stayed with me. If either of us didn't make it, I would want to see her.

Nomad: (in his head) He looks like he's in deep thought... I find it sort of cute.

Scorpio: Uh, Nomad, why are you looking at me like that?

Nomad: (blushes) Like what?

Scorpio: Never mind. How about we move along? (Starts walking ahead as Nomad follows. Thinks to himself) Nomad seems pretty weird. I'll just pretend it didn't happen.

Nomad: (thinks to self) That was close. Ugh, why do some people have to look so... cute?


Chenavy: So if we go right, there will be more to uncover. Then to the left is a lighter path that goes straight ahead. Hmm...

Shine: (thinks to herself) I wish I was with Scorpio. Around Chenavy, I feel so stupid.

Chenavy: Which direction should see go?

Shine: Huh?

Chenavy: If we're going to save Romeo, you have to concentrate, Juliet.

Shine: I don't see the big deal between left and right

Chenavy: You don't know. It could mean everything.

Shine: Chenavy....

Chenavy: Come on! I'm trying to help save your little knight in shining armor.

Shine: I think we should go right.

Chenavy: Nothing to back your information up?

Shine: (in head) Here we go again

Chenavy: Backing it up is everything! You can't just say a dog is a dog without backing up.

Shine: Hey look! It's Issac Newton and Albert Einstein playing ping pong (points other direction)

Chenavy: (looks away) Where?

(Shine starts running down the right path)

Chenavy: Shine! (Runs after her)

(To be continued)

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