(Sylvia runs through paths and curves)

Sylvia: (thinking to herself) This is for you Wander.

(Up ahead she sees Hadley and Adeline (both characters of mine no one remembers lol)

Hadley: I honestly don't see the point in this. It seems like a waste of time.

Adeline: Exactly. We should just jump in one of those holes in the ground.

Hadley: We have to at least look like we're trying. It might anger Katie if we slack.

Adeline: Who cares what she thinks?

Hadley: This is her imagination and she can kill us just like a little ant in the blink of an eye if she pleased.

Katie: (through speaker on wall) She's right you know.

Adeline: (jumps) D-did you just hear our whole conversation?

Katie: Yeah. Just be glad I'm in a good mood.

Hadley: (whispers to Adeline) Don't push it

Katie: Did you also know Sylvia is listening around the corner?

Sylvia: Oh flarf (runs in the other direction)


(Angel, Maddie, and Aurora are walking along)

Maddie: Doesn't it seem like we're walking in circles?

Aurora: I know. I wish I could fly up but.. (looks up at the ceiling above her) What do you think Angel?

Angel: (thinks to self) I hope these two can take me further. Then I can wish Scorpio back for Shine but it feels like I'm using them. They are really great girls but I guess it is was it is.

Aurora: Angel!

Angel: Huh?

Maddie: Does it seem like we're going in circles?

Angel: I don't know. I really haven't been paying attention.

Aurora: Maybe we should try going a different way.

Maddie: You're right.

(They take a right)


Nomad: (thinking to himself) Just keep it cool. He's taken and I love Chenavy. Just repeat it in your head Nomad.

Scorpio: (thinking to himself) Nomad has been keeping to himself for a while. He won't even look up. Am I doing something wrong or did I upset him? I hope not. (Out loud) Are you OK, Nomad?

Nomad: HE'S TAKEN AND I LOVE CHENAVY! (Covers mouth)

Scorpio: (quietly) Uh sorry.... (faces forward)

Nomad: (thinks) Gosh darn it, Nomad. Conceal don't feel..... heh Frozen.... heheh overrated movies

( They continue onward)

(To be continued)

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