(Maddie, Aurora, and Angel carried on, corner by corner and turn by turn. They come across a plank going across a large ditch)

Maddie: Well what do we do now?

Angel: Just cross?

Aurora: It doesn't seem sturdy.

Angel: Couldn't you guys just fly?

Katie: (through speaker on wall) Now it would be a shame for something to happen to their wings. I'm assuming you do want to keep them?

Maddie: You wouldn't!

Katie: Don't underestimate me. Neccesarily you guys would be cheating. Not everyone has a pair of wings now do they?

Aurora: She has a point.

Katie: Continue on

Angel: It definitely doesn't look stable enough to hold all of us at one time.

Maddie: Two of us should go ahead and one stay behind and come after two of us are across.

Aurora: But which one of us should it be?

(They're all silent for a moment)

Angel: I'll stay behind. (thinks) It's the least I can do

Maddie: Are you sure?

Angel: Yes. I can do it.

Aurora: Just holler if something happens.

(Aurora and Maddie start across. After a few minutes, Angel hears a commotion across)

Angel: Are you guys ok over there?

Maddie: Don't come acrooooooooooo-

(The voice disappears as if it's falling)

Angel: Maddie? Aurora? (slowly starts backing away)

(A figure starts coming across the plank)

Angel: Hello?

Fier: It's been a long time since I promised I wouldn't hurt anyone.

Angel: Who are you?

Fier: The past is behind me though. (grasps a doctor's needle in her hand and jumps on top of Angel)

Angel: (falls to the ground with Fier) Who are you and what are you talking about?

(Angel fights against Fier who is trying to put the needle in Angel's arm)

Fier: Sweet dreams.

(the needle goes into Angel's wrist)

Angel: Huh? (thinks) Why do I feel this rush? Why is everything turning to a blur?

Sylvia: Hey you, what are you doing to Angel?

(Fier gets off of her and runs into the other direction followed by Sylvia. Angel slowly gets up, not able to keep her balance)

Angel: Everything looks so.... strange. (stumbles down a hall) What's going on?

(Angel could hear voices going through her head. They said only jibberish and she couldn't understand a word)

Angel: What's this?

(She sees something tied up in a vine. It looks as if blood is dripping from it. The vine beside is broken into pieces)

Angel: Hello?

(She falls to the ground as the world spins around her, the blurring images turning to blackness as the contents of the needle knock her out)

Sylvia: (sounds very distant) Angel? Are you ok?

Angel: Syl....via?

Sylvia: (voice becomes more clear) Wake up

Angel: (slowly sits up) What happened? (looks on her wrist to see a bruise)

Sylvia: Fier knocked you out with a drug. I took care of her. We need to go befoe that happens to us.

(She looks at the vine Chenavy was wrapped in. It was indeed blood dripping from it)

Angel: Who knew a little girl would have these thoughts.

(to be continued)

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