(Scorpio was walking out of one room by himself. He looks both directions and sighs)

Shine: Scorpio!

Scorpio: Huh?

(Shine tackles Scorpio and pins him to the ground)

Shine: Scorpio!

Scorpio: Shine, what are you doing? (Starts blushing)

Shine: (giggles) You know

Scorpio: Is this really the time?

Shine: I'm not getting off until you do it.

Scorpio: Shiiine! (Blushes more)

Shine: (giggles and blushes a little) You're almost there.

Scorpio: (is blushing bright red)

Shine: There (gets off) don't blame me for wanting to see you blush in a place like this.

Scorpio: Isn't harsh to force someone to blush against their will?

Shine: (helps Scorpio up) Not in my books. (Looks at him for a second) Why are you wearing a bloody maid uniform.

Scorpio: Long story.

Shine: And look what I got. (Pulls a chainsaw from behind her back)

Scorpio: How is that even possible?

Shine: Well it all started when I went to this room after Chenavy returned to reality.

Scorpio: She's gone? Nomad is gone too. I'll tell you after you're done.

Shine: anyways it was some sort of torture room.

(Flashback to torture room. Hadley and Adeline are tied to two of the tables)

Adeline and Hadley: Help!

Hadley: Please Shine!

Adeline: Before he returns!

Shine: He?

Hadley: Just please help us.

Shine: Just hold on.

(Chain saw noises come from outside the room)

Adeline: Help!

Shine: I've got to hide. (Hides under another torture table)

(All Shine can hear from there is both of them being untied and protesting against being carried away. After all of the commotion quiets, Shine comes out)

Shine: Oh well (spots something out of the corner of her eye) The guy left his chainsaw! (Picks it up)

(Back to reality)

Shine: (swings around chainsaw) Vroom vroom (giggles)

Scorpio: OK then. Just don't cut off any part of me or you.

Shine: What's your story?

Scorpio: Nomad and I walked into a costume room.

(Flashback to costume room)

Katie: Pick a box and you have to wear that costume for the rest of the maze.

Scorpio: Of all rooms, we had to go into this one.

Nomad: Man.

Scorpio: (picks a box and opens it. Blushes when he sees the inside) W-why?

Nomad: What is it? (Looks in too)

Scorpio: (pulls it out) A maid's uniform

Nomad: (blushes and thinks) of all things, it had to be that.

Scorpio: (slips it on) Do I have to keep this on?

Katie: Rules are rules

Nomad: (thinks) Control yourself Nomad.

Scorpio: Why are you looking at me like that?

Nomad: Like what?

Scorpio: Please don't tell me that

Nomad: It's nothing!

?: Watch out Scorpio!

Scorpio: (ducks down with Nomad as a knife hits the wall) No... please don't be here

( A pink female zbornak comes through the door.)

Scorpio: Cee, what are you doing?

Cee: Getting rid of scum and finding you.

Nomad: Scum?

Cee: Hush! (Throws a knife at Nomad's leg)

Nomad: Ah! (Holds leg)

Scorpio: Cee!

Nomad: Scorpio, run.

Cee: Don't run from me. Remember, I'm your big sister.

Scorpio: (starts backing away) No. You're a traitor. You killed me.

Cee: Don't act so down Sco-

Nomad: (attacks Cee from behind) Run!

(Scorpio started running out but red stained the uniform before he made it out)

Scorpio: And then here we are.

Shine: Cee is the one that killed you. I remember the guards throwing her in jail...

Scorpio: She obviously isn't done with me.

Shine: We should go.

(To be continued)

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