(Maddie returns to Wander)

Wander: What did he want you for?

Maddie: Oh nothing.

Wander: Oh uh ok.....

Maddie: Is everything ok?

Wander: No I have no secrets!

Maddie: Wander-

Wander: I said no

Maddie: Ok, something's bothering you. Tell me.

Wander: But I promised Shine not to tell anyone.

Maddie: Well..... If I.... give you a sandwich will you tell me?

Wander: (hugs knees to chest) No

Maddie: Two sandwiches?

Wander: (shakes head) no

Maddie: Three sandwiches and a neon pink string?

Wander: No

Maddie: (tries to think of something to say) I'll tell you what Scorpio told me (covers mouth)

Wander: (thinks) That sounds like a fair exchange.

Maddie: Er, no I didn't-

Wander: A deal's a deal Maddie.

Maddie On the count of three. One, two, three

Maddie and Wander: (they say it at the same time but they switch the names around. Wander says Shine's name first and Maddie says Scorpio's name first) Shine has a crush on Scorpio. Wait, what? How can this be possible? They told each one of us? We have to tell them!

Maddie: Wait, but what if they find out we told each other?

Wander: I don't know

Maddie: How about I talk to Shine and you talk to Scorpio.

Wander: Good plan.

Maddie: Tomorrow morning.

Wander: Gotcha.

(to be continued....)

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