(Shine is sitting on a rock. Maddie s braiding her hair)

Shine: I told you I don't like Scorpio.

Maddie: But that way you looked at him. You can't deny it.

Shine: Please you have to give me more proof.

Maddie: Well.. then... iread your journal.

Shine: (stands up) What?! I told you it was private

Maddie: Well curiosity killed the cat.

Shine: I trusted you!

Maddie: Sorry, I didn't know you'd react like this.

Shine: Well now you know!

Maddie: That way you looked at Scorpio proved it all.

Shine: Not only that though...

Maddie: What do you mean?

Shine: Just leave me alone for a bit, please. 

Maddie: But Shine! Scorpio lik-

(Shine runs off and passes through Wander and Scorpio who were walking towards them)

Wander: Shine?

Scorpio: She seems upset.

Wander: She mad bro

Maddie: (elbows Wander) Not funny

Scorpio: We need to follow her (Starts running in the direction Shine did. Wander and Maddie follow)

(After running for a while they come across the edge of a cliff)

Maddie: Where is she?

Wander: She ran this way.

Shine's Voice: I'm down here you guys. 

Scorpio: Where are you?

Shine's Voice: I fell off the edge of a cliff. My wing is caught on a branch and I think it's broken because I can't fly.

Wander: Maddie, can you fly down there and get her?

Maddie: (gets an idea) I don't want to risk breaking my wing too so i think we should lower Scorpio down.

Scorpio: Oh goodness....

Wander: Please Scorpio? We need you.

Maddie: And so does Shine (winks at Wander)

Scorpio: Fine I'll do it.

(Wander grabs Maddie's leg and Maddie grabs Scorpio's leg. Scorpio is lowered down. Shine is hanging from her wing on a branch)

Maddie: (grins and lets go of Scorpio) oops

(Scorpio screams and grabs onto the same branch as Shine)

Shine: The branch can't hold us for long.

(The branch starts to crack)

Scorpio: Shine, just in case we don't make it I wanted to tell you ever since we had I've had a cru-

Shine: (puts a hand on Scorpio's mouth) Me too

(They smile at each other. Just as the branch is about to break  Maddie swoops down and saves them)

Wander: You guys are ok! (really tight group hug)

Scorpio: Stars of Yonder! Why does he squeeze so tight?

Maddie: It's a question that confounds us all.

Shine: Might want to get used to it.

(While they are still hugging, Shine gives Scorpio a quick kiss on the cheek. He flushes red.)

(The End!)

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