(Bara was introduced to the rest of the group.)

Wander: I'm sure you'll love being with us

Angel: We won't judge you

Sylvia: And you'll see so many new things

Bara: Thanks so much guys

Shine: It's getting pretty late guys.

Makota: Til tomorrow guys

(Everyone goes separate ways to rest. Scorpio starts goes one way but Bara stops him and holds his hand)

Scorpio: Hm? Do you need something, Bara?

Bara: Can I be with you tonight? 

Scorpio: Sure (smiles)

(Bara curls up on the ground)

Bara: Scorpio, do you have any family left?

Scorpio: Well the last trace of me I had left went insane and tried to kill me so pretty much no. This wandering group is my family now.

Bara: (smiles) Does mean you're my family now?

Scorpio: Of course.

Bara: Don't tell anyone else but you're (yawns) My favorite

Scorpio: (smiles) Safe with me

Bara: Good night (falls asleep)

(Da end)

(Isn't that adorbable .3.)

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