(Scorpio looks up at the sky, sort of dazed. Bars sits not to far away)

Bara: Scorpio? (He ignores her) Scorpio?

Scorpio: Huh?

Bara: Are you OK?

Scorpio: I'm a-alright

Bara: You're not. You've been acting so happy and loopy the whole time we've been on this planet.

Scorpio: Bara, you have to promise not to tell anyone this

Bara: Tell them what?

Scorpio: I.... really like Shine and I really want to tell her but I just can't.

Bara: Well I like you but I'm not afraid to say it

Scorpio: It's not that kind of like.

Bara: So you like her in the when a mommy and daddy love each other very much way

Scorpio: Yes... (blushes) I mean no. I mean I'm not sure if you're I want to have

Bara: I'm just going to stop you there. Thats just crossing the line.

Scorpio: Well anyway every time I want to tell her, we're interrupted by something.

Bara: Just tell her.

Scorpio: but-

Bara: I see it as Romeo and Juliet where

Scorpio: Where they both die in the end?

Bara: Well you ruined that point

Scorpio: What do I-

Bara: Go tell her now!

Scorpio: You're right! I should go without anything in my way! (Turns to see Shine behind him)

Shine:Go where?

Scorpio: (blushes) To tell you that I.... I..... like waffles! (Runs away)

(Da end cuz illuminati)

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