(The whole wandering group is walking through the darkness of the castle.)

Scorpio: Are you sure this is safe?

Shine: Positive. He flies around at night so we have time.

Wander: I love helping people!

Sylvia: We know Wander

Maddie: What exactly are we going to do?

Shine: We're going to make some art. (pulls cans of spray paint)

Cher: Awesome, girl.

Luka: Isn't that vandalism?

Shine: If it's for a good cause it isn't

Wander: You're the boss now.

Shine: (pulls out a piece of paper) Ok so here's my plan

(A while later after the wandering group left Victor flies back to his castle. He gasps)

Victor: What is this?

(A wall of the castle is spray painted with the words "You are loved" with the names of everyone in the wandering group. He was shocked. No one ever told him that ever of all the years he lived. For the first time in forever he smiled.)

Victor: You're going to make the perfect goddess, Shine.

(The end)

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