(Fier, Wander, and Sylvia have landed on a desert planet to rest for the night. Sylvia had to take one her bathroom breaks again so Fier and Wander have been left alone. They look at the stars together)

Wander: Ain't it a beautiful night

Fier: It really is. Look at all those stars.

Wander: (looks over at Fier) Yeah...

Fier: (looks over at him. They are close.) Wander, snap out of it.

Wander: Sorry, Shine. I mean, Fie-

Fier: Wander, is everything ok?

Wander: It's just you are so-

Fier: (sits up) I know it's not ok. You've been staring at me and calling me Shine for the past few days.

Wander: I'm sorry.

Fier: I think I know where this is going. I'm sorry if it hurts you but I just don't feel that way for you.

Wander: I already know that just... (tears start streaming in his eyes) I need a moment by myself.

(He runs over a sand dune)

Fier: Wander, I'm- (she starts to regret how she talked to him)

Wander: (sings slowly) Don't listen to them 'cause what do they know

When destiny calls, I must be strong

I may not be with her but I've got to hold on

(Wander runs into Sylvia)

Sylvia: Oh hey buddy.

(he looks up at her with tears in his eyes still)

Wander: I started to think about Shine again.

(Fier peeks over the sand dune and listens in on the conversation)

Sylvia: Remember what you told me when we gave Captain Tim to Hater?

Wander: If you love something, let it go.

Sylvia: You just have got to overcome it.

Wander: But she died... in my arms.... and I didn't even get to give her this. (he pulls out a diamond ring)

Sylvia: You were going to propose?!

Wander: No but I saved it for that day

Sylvia: For how long exactly?

Wander: Ever since I was 10.

(They are silent for a few seconds)

Sylvia: Wander, you scare me sometimes.

Fier: (whispers to herself) I wonder if Wander really will have to let her go (she smiles)

(Fier had gotten an idea. A very daring idea that could repay Wander and Sylvia for all they've done.)

(The End)

(link to song ----->

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