(Wander is asleep by Sylvia It slowly fades into his dream. It is open space with lots of stars. Wander looks around and there is nothing to be seen.)

Wander: Hello? Anyone there?

Shine's Voice: Wander

Wander: Shine? (He looks around, desperately trying to find her)

Shine's Voice: Wander, I'm right here.

(Shine comes practically out of no where. She now has angel wings and a halo.)

Wander: Wow, you're an angel.

Shine: True, Wander

Wander: (frowns) This is just one of wild fantasy dreams again.

Shine: You are dreaming but in a different sort of way.

Wander: What do you mean a different "sort of way"?

Shine: Wander, I am dead.

Wander: No kidding. You died in my arms. (holds back some tears)

Shine: This is my way of communcation.

Wander: You can see my dreams? (thinks about it) You can see my dreams?!

Shine: Yes and I learned about that dream you had about me.

Wander: (blushes) Well ain't that... something.

Shine: Anyways I just wanted to tell you to carry on. I may not be with you but you've got to hold on.

Wander: It's hard Shine. You were my best friend and-

Shine: Wander, you and me both knew that this day would come.

Wander: I know but, why so soon?

Shine: Because I couldn't watch you suffer, Wander. The sun is always shining somewhere

Wander: Just keep your head high

Together: And keep moving forward

Wander: But... it's so hard

Shine: Keep your eyes on the present but reflect to the past, Wander. No matter what just always know I'm with you.

Wander: Shine! Don't leave me please!

(Wander wakes up)

Wander: Keep your eyes on the present but reflect to the past. (looks up at the night sky) You sure do know me Shine.

(The end)

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