(This one gets mature so I'm going to post parts on Deviantart. This is inspired by Corpse Party, an anime game I ran into and I just love the storyline)

I seemed to be a normal night for the wandering group. Wander was telling a ghost story like always. 

Wander: And every night the ghost will come and say "Is anyone still here?"

Sylvia: Wander, that's so fake.

Chenavy: Aren't they all?

?: Is anyone still here?

Braker: AH! (falls back)

Glider: get up you big scaredy cat. It's just Shine.

(Wander and Shine are laughing their heads off)

Neon: Did you forget that the earthquake comes first?

Aurora: Exactly.

(There is small shaking)

Wander: Do you guys feel that?

Shine: An earthquake?

Chenavy: Oh my gosh oh my gosh.

Sylvia: It means nothing you guys. Calm down.

(The ground starts to break under their feet. Braker falls down)

Aurora: Oh my god!

Glider: NO!

(The ground collapses under the rest of them. It was all pitch black at first. Shine wakes up in the darkness)

Shine: Hello? (starts walking around but trips on something) Ow!

Wander: Shine?

Shine: Wander!

Wander: Where is everyone else?

Shine: I don't know.

(lights come on. It is an old abandoned building. Debris is everywhere.)

Wander: It looks sort of like... a school?

Shine: Wander, I have a really bad feeling about this place.

(They start walking around. Shine trips again)

Wander: Are you ok?

Shine: I think I sprained my ankle.

Wander: We'll find someone to help us.

Shine: What did I trip over?

Wander: Something.... (eyes go wide) We need to leave this room now.

Shine: Wh- (Wander drags her out of the room)

Wander: It's- it's a

(A blue flame appears in front of them. Wander and Shine scream)

(to be continued)

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