Blue flame: I see we have two new visitors.

Shine: What are you?

Blue flame: What you just tripped over.

Wander: Shine, don't look.

Blue flame: It won't hurt you. I promise.

(Shine looks back hesitantly. She sees a skeleton sprawled out on the floor)

Shine: You're a-

Blue flame: Ghost? Yes I am.

Shine: And you...

Blue flame: Died here? Yes. I'm afraid you both have the same fate.

Wander: What?

Shine: No, there has to be a way out.

Blue flame: That's the attitude I had when they trapped me here. I was wrong. No matter how hard I looked from top to bottom there was no exit.

Wander: But where is everyone else? Sylvia, Chenavy, Au- (gasps) Is she stuck here too?

Blue flame: I did sense the presence of other being coming in with you. But each one is put in a seperate dimension with at least one other person.

Shine: So there could be one other person here with us?

Blue flame: That's a maybe.

Wander: There's got to be a way to find them. 

Blue flame: Good luck with that. (disappears)

Shine: Maybe if we work together we can all find each other.

Wander: Let's go down this hallway first.

Shine: Wander, it's pitch black. I can't see.

Wander: Hold my hand, ok?

(They hold hands as they walk down the pitch black hall)

Shine: Wander, I think I stepped in something wet.

Wander: Hold on. (grabs a flashlight out of his hat and shines it at the ground) Shine.....

Shine: What?

Wander: You either stepped in a big pile of hot dogs covered in ketchup or-

Shine: I don't need to hear anymore details. 

Wander: It looks like someone ran into the wall really hard.

Shine: Wander, let's please just get out of this hall.

(they leave the hall)

(to be continued)

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