Wander: (helps Shine into a room) Ok, you need to stay here. I'm going to try to find a way out of here.

Shine: Don't leave me! Who knows what might pop up?

Wander: Shine, what color is the sky?

Shine: It depends on the planet.

Wander: Good we have the same point of view. You stay. I go. Bye. (runs out)

Shine: Wander! (sees he's gone) I better not killed because of you!

(She sits against a wall. A skeleton is right beside her. There is scratching on the floor)

Shine: (reads it out loud) Can't take it anymore. Can't take it anymore. Please just let me go. (shutters)

(There is a shadow across the room. It hovers over Shine. Shine looks up slowly)

Shine: Uh hi?

(The shadow tries to go over her but she slides away. It starts chasing her around the room)

Shine: What did I tell you Wander!

(The shadow goes for her mouth. She dodges it and tries to open the door just to find it is locked)

Shine: Dang it! (looks around to find something to break the door)

(The shadow starts collapsing ground under her)

Shine: (picks up a broken floorboard on the ground) This has to do. (jumps over collapsed ground a breaks down the door with the plank and gets out. Blocks the door with it afterwards) Why am I here? I should be with Wander and everyone else out and exploring the universe.

(to be continued)

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