(Shine runs down the palace steps to Wander and Sylvia are looking up in the sky, jaws dropped)

Shine: Did you guys see it too?

Wander: Hater... on.... home planet... about to destroy!

Sylvia: Hater must have tracked us here.

Shine: This is bad... this is really really bad.

Wander: Home... planet....

Sylvia: I guess Wander is in a bit of a shock

Shine: I would be standing here doing that too but there's no time to lose.

Sylvia: Come on, Wander!

Wander: Planet.. home... destroyed

(Sylvia flings Wander on her back and starts running in the direction of Hater's ship with Shine)

(Shot in Hater's ship)

Peepers: Ok, sir. You just need to press this button to shoot this laser but you only have one-

Hater: I KNOW WHAT TO DO! I only have one shot and once it hits something, that's it.

Peepers: You are very intelligent, sir.

Hater: Once I destroy Wander's planet, he will have no choice but to break down and quit getting in the way of my plans!

Peepers: But wouldn't that-

Hater: SHUT UP!

Peepers: Yes, sir!

(To be continued...)

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