(taken place on a very rainy planet. The whole wandering group is soaking wet)

Cher: Your names are Wander,The leader...

Wander: Yes'm

Cher: Sylvia, the tough chick

Sylvia: Well Luk-

Cher: Scorpio, the shy one

Scorpio: (hides behind Dan) ...yes....

Cher: Dan, the green dude

Dan: Scorpio, quit hiding behind me

Cher: And then there's Shine, Maddie, and Luka, the chicks on menstrual synchronization

Luka: What is that?

Maddie: I have no idea

Shine: It's too sciency

Wander: (breaks out laughing) I bet that's true, Cher

(Cher and Wander start laughing together)

Luka: What?

Maddie: Seriously what is it?

(Wander whispers it to Maddie. Maddie gets an awkward look on her face then whispers it to Luka. Luka looks weirdly at Cher then whispers it to Shine)

Shine: What the hell?

Scorpio: What did she just say?

Shine: Nothing

Maddie: So you think we-

Luka: Why would we even-

Shine: Just don't ask anymore

Dan: Tell us about yourself Cher.

Cher: Well I wandered away from my home planet because everyone was holding me down from expressing myself.

Sylvia: Us zbornaks can be like that sometimes

Cher: And here I am now, man. Listening to my music and wandering the galaxy.

Wander: You'll sure have a fun time with us. We have so many fun times

Scorpio: And we almost get killed by Wander half of the time

(Luka kicks Scorpio)

Scorpio: Or Luka

Cher: That sounds awesome shy person! I'm sure gonna have a blast.

Shine: (to Maddie) She's going to fit in just fine

(The End)

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