(Shine faints as the figure runs out of the room. Voices come from all over)

-Wander: did you hear that?

Maddie: I think Shine screamed

Cher: What its the murderer?

(The wandering group comes into the room)

Sylvia: Shine!

Luka: Is she dead?

Shine: No, no stay away!

Cher: Chill out girl. Its only us

(The lights flash back on. Hadley, a grey male zbornak, and a purple young wander creature that looks Gothic comes in)

Hadley: Doug, Chloe, and I heard a scream. Is everything OK?

Misty: (rushes in) Shine are you OK?

Shine: A-a prowler came In and scared me.

Misty: oh no. He may have been looking for a victim

Wander: Oh my (looks at Chloe( OH MY STARS! A VAMPIRE (runs away)

(Everyone bursts out talking)

Doug: Hey be quiet (aims blaster at them)

Misty: Commander Doug, what did I tell you about threatening the innocent?

Doug: Sorry but one if these guys is most likely a murderer and I intend to find out who.

Cher: One of us?

Chloe: A murderer?

Doug: Yes. Im not pinning it on any of you..... yet.

Hadley: Couldn't there be someone in the house we don't even know about?

Doug: (ignores her) Someone find that redneck orange thing. I would lime to speak with him.

(Everyone splits up throughout the castle)

(Maddie walks through a hall of bookshelves)

Maddie: Wander? Wander? Are you here?

(Running steps come from behind her but she sees no one.)

Maddie: Who was that?

(She slowly walks on. -Wander sneaks up behind)

Wander: boo!

Maddie: (screams) Wander!

Wander: I got you good

Maddie: The commander wants to talk to you.

Wander: (stands in front of bookcase) Why?

Maddie: I don't know. You seem too good natured to kill anyone.

Wander: Me kill someone? You're kidding right?

Maddie: (turns away to a window) I have a strange feeling its someone we know. (No reply) -Wander? (Still no reply. Turns around and sees a hand dragging Wander into the bookcase. She screams as he is completely pulled in) Someone! Help! Come quick!

(Everyone except Doug comes in)

Misty: Maddie calm down!

Maddie: Wander, hand, bookcase, murderer

Shine: You mean he was dragged into the bookcase?

Maddie: Y-yes

Hadley: I'll look in. I'm not scared. (Goes down the stairway in the case. Everyone slowly eases in. Hadley comes back up.) He's not down there

Sylvia: Did the murderer get him?

Hadley: Most likely

Doug: (enters) I found some new evidence

Chloe: What evidence?

Doug: This (pulls Scorpio in by his arm)

Shine: Scorpio?!

(To be continued.....)

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