Katie's Voice: Hi! I'm Katie and I'm 12 years old. I live with my mom and two brothers. I'm still in middle school and I call myself quite the egghead.

(Shot of a young orange female creature like Wander with red shortish hair sitting at a desk on a computer. A cell phone vibrates. She picks it up and looks at a text.)

Katie: There's a test in language arts today? Oh no I didn't bring my book to study and I don't even know what the test is about! What if I fail and it ruins my grade and I get kicked our of honors and

(Phone vibrates again)

Katie: Oh... its only a pretest....

(Stays silent for a few seconds)

Katie: I still never studied! Wait, did I forget to practice my trombone too? (Face palm)

(Yes this character is based off of me. I decided I should make a story on my own oc)

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