(Shine is flying into the forest crying. She didn't know how to feel. Bratty or just perhaps evil. She sits in front of a lake. It shimmers back at her and gives her a completely new idea. It changed her heart)

Shine: (sings) Why does every princess need to have a prince? It's just the same old story. Why  was I convinced Wander would save the day when I can be my hero and do it my own way? Why be confined to be hiding behind true love? Enough! (stands) I am who I am. I don't need a man.

(Maddie around the wandering group skipping around like a school girl)

Maddie: When you're in love, head over heel, nothing else matters, nothing but him. Just listen to him odd as that seems to be. When you're in love, life is song, all happy endings never go wrong. (stops skipping) But what if they do? Sadly so true. Who knew?

Shine: I have dreams of daring quests! Exploring Yonder from east to west. Maddie can just sit around stuck in a girly stereotype. What she doesn't understand, is that she doesn't need a man. Now is my time let her know. She was wrong, I am strong. Let it show, LET IT GO! (spreads out wings and starts walking down a path) I now understand! I don't need a-

(Shine bumps into someone)

?: (soft male voice) Oh my sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so clumsy.

(Shine shakes her head and sees a brown creature like Wander.)

Shine: No I should've been watching where I was going. Sorry

?: (still soft voice) No I'm sorry

Shine: Please it was on me.

?: (really quiet) ....sorry....

(Awkward silence)

Shine: Uh... I'm Shine.

?: Like Princess and goddess Shine

Shine: That's me

Scorpio: (really quiet)Oh, I'm Scorpio... I'm kind of shy... a lot.

Shine: I'm looking for an escape from all this stress I have. I think I have it all figured out.

Scorpio: (Stars himself(like a Catholic crossing but he touches his two shoulders, then two thighs and then his forehead) Yonder bless.

Shine: Do you need someone to journey with?

Scorpio: Yeah I escaped from home

Shine: Why? Isn't home where the heart is?

Scorpio: I.... Maybe later

Shine: Shall we be on our way?

Scorpio: Of course

(They walk down the path together)

(to be continued...)

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